HS-928 Cabin

SAVE $$$'$ ONLY ONE DISPLAY MODEL LEFT!!! Get out and about in all weathers with the HS928 Cabin.

Charge:12A Off Board
Length:160 cm
Width:104 cm
Height:162 cm
Colour:Silver Only
Travel range:Up to 50km
Load capacity:200kg
Max speed:Up to 12kph
Turning radius:186cm
Tire type:Pneumatic
Tire size front:38cm
Tire size rear:38cm
Battery type:Sealed Lead Acid 100ah(2)
Ground clearance:11cm

Price: $14,500.00 $10,995.00

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Mobility Plus Says....The HS928 with fully enclosed cabin, can be a car replacement mobility scooter.  Although it looks big, the footprint is no larger than most full-sized mobility scooters. This cabin scooter comes with the added advantage of all-weather protection for year-round use.

The CTM HS-928 with cabin is a robust four-wheel scooter with a built-in cabin for extra protection from all kinds of weather. For larger users or for those wanting to go longer distances, this heavy-duty scooter will deliver. Its design includes a robust cabin that can have the side doors removed for added convenience.

  • Front windscreen wiper
  • Rear view mirrors
  • LCD Display that indicates speed, distance traveled and battery status
  • Taillights and rear turning signal
  • Suspension Front and Rear
  • Anit tip controller (automatically slows speed on cornering)
  • Powerful 1000-watt motor

PLEASE NOTE: This model is classed as a mobility scooter under current NZTA mobility scooter legislation. It is will also comply with the future legislation changes that are likely to be brought into NZ in the near future. CTM, a global manufacturer of mobility scooters makes this scooter, and it is supplied in New Zealand by Allied Medical, one of NZ's largest medical suppliers.  This mobility scooter is a quality product.  Please come into our show room for a test ride - you won't be disappointed.

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How much does a mobility scooters cost? New good quality mobility scooters cost from $2500 - $15000.

Do you sell used mobility scooters? From time to time we have approved used mobility scooters. We offer a 3-month warranty on all of our approved used mobility scooters. See current approved used mobility scooters click here.

What's the best mobility scooter for me? This will depend on your needs; do you need the scooter to climb up steep roads, are you tall and therefore require a scooter with plenty of leg room? Do you want to take your mobility scooter on an aeroplane? The best way of matching a mobility scooter to your specific needs is to come into our superstore and test drive one on our mobility scooter test track!

Can I fly with a mobility scooter? Yes - With certain types of mobility scooter. We have a range of folding travel mobility scooters that have flight compatible lithium-ion batteries. Some even come with a travel case.  See buying guide info click here.

Do you do home demos at my house?  It is much better if you can visit our superstore and try out the many models of mobility scooters on our mobility scooter test track. We have such a large selection, that most people end up buying something quite different from what they initially anticipated. However, if you really cannot get into us, we do offer a home demo service* (but please bear in mind that this could limit your choice somewhat).

What are the running costs of a mobility scooter? If you look after your mobility scooter and follow all instructions given at time of purchase, you will find running a mobility scooter is very cheap. The extra costs you will incur over the years, will be tyre and battery replacement (between 1-5yrs) and an annual service.

Where can I ride my mobility scooter? Mobility scooters must follow NZTA rules and regulations.  You must ride on the footpath at all times unless there is no footpath available. This is the only time you are legally allowed to ride your mobility scooter on the road. Full details are in our free information section.

Can I ‘try before I buy’ a mobility scooter? We have lots of space at our huge superstore for you to test out your skills - we even have an indoor mobility scooter test track.  Once we are confident you are safe, we are happy for you to take out one of our mobility scooters onto the footpath.  For long term trials we offer our ‘try before you buy’.  You can hire one of our hire mobility scooters for a week and we will refund the cost of the hire if you decide to buy from us.**

Do you offer mobility scooter safety training? Using your mobility scooter safely if very important to us at Mobility Plus.  For this reason, we have an indoor mobility scooter where you can test out our LARGE RANGE OF MOBILITY SCOOTERS in a safe and controlled environment.  Once you are confident in how to operate a mobility scooter safely, we can then take you outside along the footpath to practise in real world conditions.  Upon home delivery of your new mobility scooter, our trained technicians will spend time setting up your mobility scooter charger and demonstrate all the functions of your new purchase.  If needed, they will also be happy to walk along-side you so you can familiarise yourself with operating your new mobility scooter in your home environment.

How often do I need to service my Mobility Scooter?  For servicing we recommend 6 to 12 monthly service checks for your mobility scooter. If you purchased your mobility scooter from Mobility Plus then your first service will be free.  When you are ready for your mobility scooter to be serviced, please email or call us and we will get you booked in with one of our service technicians at our next available appointment.

How often do I charge my mobility scooter? You will need to charge you mobility scooter overnight after a day of mobility scootering - This is easy to do and we provide written guidelines when you initially purchase from us. More FREE information in our 'Using Your Mobility Scooter'

What comes with my mobility scooter when we purchase from you?  At Mobility Plus when we sell you a mobility scooter, we believe it should be ready to go.  With this in mind, we make sure the price advertised includes everything you will need to get on with safely scootering. Click here to find our more.

Do I need a driver’s license to operate a mobility scooter? No. Under NZTA rules you do not need a drivers license to operate a mobility scooter but at the same time you must still be able to use the mobility safely, without putting other footpath users in danger.  The NZTA Ready to Ride booklet can be downloaded here.

Can I keep my mobility scooter outside?  It is not advisable to leave you mobility scooter outside in all weathers.  If you do it will deteriorate quickly, and you may void the warranty if it is left in the pouring rain.

What happens if my mobility scooter breaks down?  At Mobility Plus when we sell you a mobility scooter, we want to make sure you safe and secure when out and about. With this in mind we join all of our new customers who purchase a mobility scooter from us in AA Mobility Care.  You will receive an AA membership card with your name and the serial number of your mobility scooter. Click here for more information. 

Is there funding available for my mobility scooter? Funding may be available from various organisations depending on your personal circumstance.  ACC (www.acc.org.nz or 0800 101 996) can help with the purchase of a new mobility scooter if you have a need as assessed under a claim covered by ACC. The Lottery Grants Board also have a system that is both means tested and needs tested.  If you pass their initial screening requirements (www.communitymatters.govt.nz or 0800 824 824 for more information) they may also help you with purchasing a mobility scooter.  With regards to the upkeep and maintenance of the scooter, WINZ can help with a disability allowance (DA), (www.workandincome.govt.nz or 0800 559 009).

Terms & Conditions

*Home Demo Service - We will bring mobility scooters to your house (Tauranga area) if you cannot get into our superstore.  For us to offer this service we will charge a callout fee and technician's time. If you purchase a new mobility scooter with us we will refund the costs. 

**Try Before You Buy - If you hire a mobility scooter we will refund the hire cost (up to a month) if you buy a new mobility scooter from us. 



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