Mobility Scooter Warranties & Returns

In the unlilely event of needing to make a warranty claim please follow the details below;

1. Fill in the warranty claim form provided with your purchase. Give as many details about the
fault as you can.
2. Return the faulty product to Mobility Plus Ltd (if required)
3. Provide us with your original invoice or proof of sale.
4. If you have a faulty battery charger, please also fill in a separate battery charger form.

Warranty Costs
Please be aware full warranty investigation costs will be charged and invoiced. This includes; all out fee, technical assessment time and administration time. If your claim is approved, then some of these charges may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If your claim is not approved as per the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty, then you will be required to pay the costs in full.

Warranty Assessment Time
Mobility Plus will try to assess your faulty product as quickly as possible but a reasonable amount of time will be needed. It normally takes between 2-4 weeks for a faulty product to be completely assessed. This time frame is required as the product may need to be returned to the manufacturer for detailed assessment by their own qualified technicians - The manufacturer has the final say if a product has failed due to a manufacturing fault, not Mobility Plus.

Warranty Outcome
If it is deemed your product failure meets the manufacturer’s warranty criteria, then it will be replaced as per warranty terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. If it is found the product is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, then you will have to pay for a replacement and any costs incurred. (See warranty costs above).

What’s Not Covered?
The warranty does not include damage resulting from normal wear and tear, incorrect use of the product, or abuse or misuse of the product. Please read and follow all instructions that are given to you at the time of purchase or supplied with your purchase. Failure to follow, read and adhere to these instructions will void any warranty claim.

Return To Base Warranty
Products will need to be returned to us here at Mobility Plus by the customer at their cost, including products shipped directly to you to assess any warranty claim.

Warranty Form Downloads

Warranty Procedure Form.pdf

General Warranty Form.pdf

Faulty Battery Charger Warranty Form.pdf

Pride Mobility Warranty Form Mobility Plus.pdf

Merits Warranty Form Mobility Plus.pdf