AA Mobility Care

At Mobility Plus when we sell you a mobility scooter, we want to make sure you safe and secure when out and about.With this in mind we join all new customers who purchase a mobility scooter from us in AA Mobility Care. You will receive a AA membership card with your name and serial number of you mobility scooter.

To use this service, you will need to carry the card when you are out and about on your mobility scooter. There is a 0800 number (0800 500 222) on the card and a sticker on your mobility scooter. If you have questions regarding the AA and your membership, please contact the AA directly 0800 500 222.

AA Mobility Care- Where a Mobility Scooter becomes immobile due to a flat battery, flat tyre or lost keys, the AA will provide vehicle recovery to the Member's home address, so long as no nursing, lifting of the Member or other special personal assistance is needed. Carriage of passengers can only be to the legal limit of the attending vehicle. If alternative transport for the Member is required, this will be at the Member's expense.