Heavy-Duty Double Seat

Heavy-Duty Double Seat

Heavy-Duty Double Seat

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Do you want to be able to travel side by side with your spouse, partner, or friend? Do you need a scooter you can use on multiple terrains? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to check out the M+ Heavy-Duty Double Seat mobility scooter.       

Mobility Plus Says....The Heavy-Duty Double Seat mobility scooter is a fantastic option if you need to carry a passenger. The footprint is only slightly greater than a standard single seat mobility scooter, so it still allows access to the shops.  Its hefty tyres mean it can tackle the lumps and bumps with ease yet is still very stable.  

The M+ Heavy-Duty Double Seat, mobility scooter is packed with high performance features such as full suspension, LED lighting and digital display - shows your speed, distance travelled and even the temperature!

The Heavy-Duty is the ultimate outdoor mobility scooter with substantial wheels and high ground clearance.  The built-in ani-tip sensor will automatically slow you down on tight turns making this a powerful but safe mobility scooter.


Easy to use controls with digital display – Check your speed with ease.

Seating for two people with left hand controls – Take a friend shopping!

Suspension Front and Rear – Comfortable ride soaking up those rough footpaths.

Anti-Tip sensor - Auto slow function on tight turns.

Large front and rear tyres for added stability – Off-road tyres are an upgrade option.

Extra large front and rear basket – Drink bottle holders up front, and a lockable box on the rear.

Upgraded powerful Motor – 1300Watts of power from quality 4-pole 24-volt motor (Upgraded from 950watt motor).

Upgraded quality P&G S Drive 200amp Controller (Upgraded from 140amp controller).

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Max Speed: Up to 15Kph
Travel Range: Up to 50km
Motor Size: 24v 4 pole Up to 1300 Watt
Max User Weight: 220Kg
Battery Type: Valen Gel
Battery Size: 12 Volt 70ah (2)
Battery Charger: Yes
Max Climb Angle: 15 Degrees
Ground Clearance: 15cm
Turning Radius: 215cm
Width (at rear wheels): 70cm
Overall Length: 156cm
Overall Width: 100cm
Overall Height: 140cm
Tyre Size (front): Pneumatic 35cm
Tyre Size (rear): Pneumatic 39cm
Colours Available: Grey and Blue
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