Using your mobility scooter safely


Mobility scooters are specially designed for the purpose of keeping people mobile. Most manufacturer’s say not to use your scooter in the rain, and stay away from any puddles and mud. Treating and looking after your scooter as per the manufacturers recommendation’s, as set out in their complimentary owner manual, should give you years of trouble free enjoyment. If not treated properly, any misuse at the hands of the operator may cause the scooter to experience a breakdown and incur costly repairs that may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Rules, regulations.

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) have a comprehensive booklet called Ready to Ride. Download your FREE copy here. Or pick up your free copy instore. The booklet sets out rules and regulations and shows you how to safely use your mobility scooter. When operating your mobility scooter on the pavement it is important to remember to be courteous to other people, slow down and move over. With regards to speed, remember you are driving a mobility scooter, they are not designed to go very fast and it is best to moderate your speed when on the pavement.

Servicing and breakdowns.

Just like a car your mobility scooter will need to be maintained. Keeping the tyres pumped up and the battery fully charged are simple daily tasks that can be carried out by the owner. Most manufactures will recommend a service every 6-12 months - This may be sooner if you are covering large distances. Keeping your scooter well serviced and looked after should avoid breakdowns and maintain the value of your scooter if you ever decide to sell it.